About Me :

Hi there! You find yourself currently reading my bachelor project Hell Delivery Service! I am a 22 Year old designer and creator of this webcomic.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me:

About Hell deliVery SerVice :

This is an animated webcomic called HDS. Its an ongoing series so you probably don‘t know whats going on yet ;)

It's about Yama, a slave human soul and her little sidekick Scrumpy. Together they are on an adventure with Mot to restore his body and to find a way to survive in hell.

I hope you enjoy reading!

Thanks to : Tobias Hager who made all this crazy Ipad stuff work! Julian my dearest partner and friend for all his support!

All my family and friends, especially my panda!

My Professors: Sybille Schenker, Walter Mehl, Tilman Zitzmann, Max Ackermann, Jürgen Schopper